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We take care of cars and the people who drive them. We strive to earn your trust with our accurate diagnosis, precision repairs, and outstanding service. You get our utmost attention because you deserve it. You’ll become familiar with our predictable attention to detail because you deserve it. Our rates are competitive. We’re here to support your automotive needs for the long haul.

Green Mountain Auto Repair Services

  • Truck Repair + Service

  • Engine Replacement

  • Auto Electrical Services

  • Tune-Ups

  • Wheel Alignment

  • Diagnostics

  • Mufflers + Exhaust

  • Emission Failures

  • Shocks + Struts

  • Batteries

  • CV Axles

  • Tune Ups

  • Belts + Hose Replacement

  • Transmission Service + Replacement (all Vehicles)

  • Fuel Delivery

  • Tire Replacement + Repair

  • Air Conditioning Service + Repair

  • Cooling System

  • Tire Rotation + Balancing

Green Mountain Havoline Quick Lube Services

  • Oil Changes

  • Fluids Topped Off

  • Wiper Blades

  • Transmission Fluid

  • Brake Fluid

  • Fuel System Cleaning

Green Mountain Mobil Gas Station

  • Mini-mart for all your convenience needs 

  • Top Quality ExxonMobil Fuel

  • Car Wash 

Vehicles Served

If you drive it, we service it.

Find automotive peace of mind with all of our ASE-Certified Professionals. We also have an ASE Master Technician, certified in all eight areas of service -- engine repair, engine performance, brakes, electrical systems, suspension and steering, heating and cooling, automatic transmission, and manual drive.

We’re familiar with the specific models—all makes and years—shown below:

  • Acura

  • Audi

  • Buick

  • Cadillac

  • Chevrolet

  • Dodge

  • Ford

  • General Motors

  • Honda

  • Hyundai

  • Jeep

  • Kia

  • Lexus

  • Mazda

  • Nissan

  • Subaru

  • Toyota

  • Volkswagen 

Customer Reviews: 

"The service at Green Mountain Auto World is always prompt, professional, and fair. The technicians are knowledgeable, and the management always presents different options that fit my budget needs based on their assessment of the problem. They are not pushy, they always have my vehicle ready when they said it would be ready, and the final price I pay has always come in below their initial cost estimate."

"The one thing I have learned is that is that you get what you pay for in the auto business. I know I don't want inexperienced kids working on my car, the kind I’ve run into at the chain shops. I trust Green Mountain Auto World’s experts."

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