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Our Campus

When you come into our repair center, we want you to feel right at home. We hold down a large presence at the corner of West Alameda Parkway and Union Boulevard. Our Green Mountain Havoline Xpress Lube and Green Mountain Shell Gasoline Station are part of our comprehensive automobile service platform. All of these locations are run by our family members. That way we are certain to extend the same advantages along with the friendly, family feeling we have been known to deliver for decades.

One of the things Mark Rodenburg feel in love with when he first identified this location was the backdrop of foothills—a big reason natives and those who make Colorado home fall in love with our beautiful state. Every day we open our doors at Green Mountain Auto World, we are grateful to serve this community.

Inside the four walls of our 16,000 sq. ft. repair center, our expert technicians work in highly-organized, pristine conditions. It’s a fact that mechanics can get repairs done faster and better when their work area is well-organized. Our mechanics are dependable and have proven track records as the best in the business. They sincerely enjoy getting to know customers and their vehicles. It’s comforting to customers when they get improved and extended use out of their vehicles because of Green Mountain’s specialized care.

Enjoy a cup of coffee in our waiting room!

We're Green!

Green Mountain Auto World leads the auto repair world with our environmental practices.

For years, we’ve reused automobile engine oil to heat our building. Rather than simply dumping the oil, we have built an innovative heating system that heats our entire facility using the oil.

We also heat the water for our Car Wash at Auto World with recycled oil. Most car washes use cold water that does not deliver the same squeaky clean results. It's our differentiator and one reason why our Car Wash is so popular in the area.

Next time you’re due for an oil change, think if us. We’re committed to saving the environment one oil change at a time. 


Customer Reviews: 

"I have been taken my car to Green Mountain Auto World for more than 20 years. They have never steered me wrong."

"I have always been more than satisfied with the work at Green Mountain Auto World. I have replaced shocks, purchased tires, replaced a cracked head and head gasket on a used vehicle, and done a variety of usual maintenance work like brakes and oil changes over the years. I wouldn’t go anywhere else."

"The service at Green Mountain Auto World is always prompt, professional and fair. The technicians are knowledgeable, and the management always presents different options that fit my budget needs based on their assessment of the problem. They are not pushy, they always have my vehicle ready when they said it would be ready, and the final price I pay has always come in below their initial cost estimate."

"The one thing I have learned is that is that you get what you pay for in the auto business. I know I don't want inexperienced kids working on my car, the kind I’ve run into at the chain shops. I trust Green Mountain Auto World’s experts."

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