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Road Trip Ready 101: Seven tips for car traveling this Thanksgiving

Is your car road trip ready for Thanksgiving?

Check your vehicle before heading out of town to avoid any mechanical headaches.

Our top 7 recommendations:

1) Change the engine oil:

if you're close to due for an oil change, a long trip can add stress to your vehicle.

The only concern you on your plate next week should be pumpkin or apple pie.

2) Check the fluids:

oil, coolant, window wash levels, and brake fluids.

Top off before trotting out of town.

3) Check air pressure and tire wear:

low pressure wastes fuel and with the price of gas, every gallon is precious.

Ensure your tires are 1/16th". Worn-out tires can blow during long trips.

4) Check air filter:

clean air to the engine makes it more efficient.

And if your cabin filter's worn out, the air inside your car will be not-so-fresh.

5) Test all lights and signals:

a situation where two is better than one... have your favorite back seat driver help

test before you take off. You can even let them be the ones to give the okay on each signal.

6) Check the battery:

if it sounds sluggish upon starting, it may be a dying battery or have corrosion.

Your patience may be tested over the family holiday, but it shouldn't be over your battery's


7) Wash your car:

clean windows help with visibility plus you can check out your wiper blade condition.

You can do all these yourself or let us help you get on the road safely with a pre-Turkey Day inspection. Call us today at 303-980-6626 or book online at

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